KryptowährungenTECHNIK SCAM? Wallet not sync

We are a technical blog, and see our small wallet on is not sync, and shows a balance of 0.00 XMR since few weeks.

Is a scam?
Our fast response: No!

We don’t know, the real issues in backend of, but for the moment, they can’t sync the block wallets since few weeks. Maybe there strong technical issues, maybe there are hackers which ddos servers for actually war-reasons. But do not have any panic! It’s not a scam for the moment.

We will do an German tutorial, how to get back ur XMR, on our website, tomorrow.
Within this post, we will show you on end of post, how to do it in English language.
If you need assistance, to get ur funds back, so write us an mail to

Please note: we can’t say save, that is not a scam. But we have same issues, and have open our wallet on local system, and we have the original balance and its sync.

How to get back? What we will do, if we will help you?

For the first – A online wallet – is never safe! There are pishing sites, and ur privatkeys are not save on online wallet!

We help you to safe ur money? Donate us for our work to our

So to get ur Money on by the sync issues, you have to do a local wallet:

  1. Go to the official website:
  2. Go to the downloads on the official website:
  3. Download the Monero GUI Wallet for your system, like Windows, Mac OS
  4. Go to advanced mode and set that you want to login in a wallet.
  5. Type in ur privat key, or ur words, u get to login, to connect ur wallet with local system.
  6. If you finish the steps (U can use standard settings), give ur wallet a password and then its done.
  7. But note!!!! For the first time u have the GUI Wallet on local system, it’s required to download the blockchain to ur computer. That progress can need up to 2 Days! (U need much RAM and Internet)
  8. After the blockchain is downloaded on your computer, the system will show you the correct balance and you can use ur wallet, same like on