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ARK Server Rules
Nice to See you on our servers. That all have funny game play. Check our rules.

• Go to Discord NAWKO invite-Code Pkcu5TC for support, challenges, or news.

• Friendly Admins – admins only for creating videos on the server – they not raiding!

•. Admins not join any partys.

• Its not allowed to spam structures.

• It’s not allowed to touch or raid structures of Tribe NAWKO

• Animal breeding spam, or selling of animals is not allowed.

• Meshing, Glitching, Cheaten, Hacken is not allowed.

• Its required to have pictures or videos, if you have suspect a player. Admin needs it.

• Never transfer ur character with items and Dinos. Upload before all the time! You not get any stuff back.

• Player-, and Discord-Chat no rassists, discriminate, or insulting Comments are not allowed.

• build, have a base, and still have no Dinos on loot und abstellen von Dinos in Loot Höhlen, Loots, Artefakte, Cityterminals, Spawnpunkte und Obelisken ist nicht erlaubt und wird entfernt.

• Hold a player in prisoner for maximum of 24 hours. Be tasty, you have to proof the timeline. Make screenshots or videos for that. Or you let him free, if you play with him, and all things are done 🙂 then you never have issues with that.

• It’s a PVP Server, but all the time, be nice to others.

Extra Rules for The Island

  • On TheIsland Map the Teleporters and Transmitters are free for use.
  • Friendly zones, are structures of NAWKO, or with sign marked zones. For example Red Obelisk on island map. Its not allowed to fight, or steal within this zones.

Be familiar with our rules.. Have a nice time on our NAWKO Gaming Servers

NAWKO Gaming
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